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Take your performance to the next level with 216Stitches Pitching Academy. 216Stitches Pitching Academy utilises the best available technology to help identify and solve performance issues for both amateur and elite pitchers.

Velocity Development. Injury Reduction. Pitch Design and Sequencing. Command Training


Rapsodo Pitching Unit

The Rapsodo Pitching Unit is undoubtedly the most important tool for any pitcher’s development and we are honoured to be the first group to bring it to Australia. Rapsodo allows us to accurately track pitchers’ velocity, command, spin rate and axis among other things tapping into all fundamental components of pitching. The Rapsodo forms the basis of all parts of our analysis and training from velocity and command training to pitch design.


The MOTUS Throw allows us to gather biomechanical data on every athlete we work with. This data allows us to make informed decisions on how to best keep our pitchers healthy and optimise their mechanical efficiency.

High Speed Camera

High speed video is a powerful tool when combined with the insights from the Rapsodo and MOTUS Throw. High speed video lets us identify mechanical inefficiencies that contribute to injury problems, velocity and command problems as well as pitch effectiveness.

Player Services

Our primary goal is to help athletes move on to the next stage in their development. Whether that is representing your State or signing a professional contract, we’re here to help you every step along the way.

If you’re ready to take your craft seriously, we’re ready to help

How We Can Help You:

Basic Package – Our basic package gives you access to the full read out from both the Rapsodo and MOTUS Throw technologies as well as your high speed video. We will also provide you with an explanation of the data and some recommendations for your development.

The Basic Package is perfect for the athlete who wants to better understand who they are as a pitcher. The data is presented in an accessible way and allows you to be the captain of your own development.

Training Package – The training package is our fully immersive development experience and includes a full readout of your Rapsodo and MOTUS Throw data, high speed video as well weekly training with the 216Stitches Pitching Academy.

If you’re serious about pitching there’s no better way to reach your goals than weekly training with the best technology the sport has to offer.

College Profiles – I know personally the difficulties involved with trying to get noticed by college coaches, especially for international players. The reality is this: college coaches at even the smallest schools receive over 30 emails a day from prospective players. Despite all your hard work, coaches won’t spend more than 5 minutes reviewing your application.

Our college profiles overcome this issue by compiling all your information in one place – just one easy click away for your prospective coach. The college profiles include:

  • A professional college recruiting video
  • Your Rapsodo and MOTUS data
  • A complete scouting report
  • Testimonials
  • Academic Record (at the athlete’s discretion)

For Pricing, inquire via 216stitchesbaseball@gmail.com

Team Services

Whether you are a local club, Little/Junior League Charter or High Performance Program, get the edge on your opponents by exposing your players to the best training methods possible. Data continues to play an integral role in coaching and understanding how to balance the ‘Art and Science of Baseball’ is the separating factor between the merely good and the elite programs.

At 216Stitches Pitching Academy we are here to help you help your athletes

How We Can Help You:

Basic Package –  Like with our Player Services, the Basic Package provides coaches with the full readout of each player’s Rapsodo and MOTUS Throw Data, high speed video as well as individualised analysis and recommendations for each of their athletes.

The Basic Package allows coaches to individualise their training for each athlete while retaining complete control over their program.

Training Package – The Training Package gives coaches the opportunity to have us run a data driven pitching program with their team over an extended period of time to get the most out of these cutting edge technologies. Coaches will also receive the full read out of each athlete’s Rapsodo and MOTUS Throw data, high speed video, analysis and recommendations as well as exit reports at the end of the program.

For Pricing, inquire via 216stitchesbaseball@gmail.com

Professional Services

Data is already one of the most important factors in player evaluation. As a result, we are happy to provide Rapsodo and MOTUS throw data on any pitching prospect (with the athlete’s consent), as well as any scouting report as required.

Professional teams interested in these services can inquire directly via 216stitchesbaseball@gmail.com