The 7th Visit Ep. 2 | Visualising and Deceiving

The 7th Visit continues with it’s second episode just days away from the opening of the 2018 MLB Season

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In the second episode of The 7th Visit, Daniel Beattie (216Stitches) and Joe Schwarz (Birds on the Black) compare and contrast the signings of pitchers, Alex Cobb and Lance Lynn, discuss Shohei Ohtani’s rough spring and Baseball Savant’s new Pitch Visualisation tool. They then discuss Adam Wainwright’s future with the St Louis Cardinals and pitchers who could benefit from ditching the wind up.


Joe’s Adam Wainwright Article ($)
Daniel’s Wind-Up Article
Baseball Savant Pitch Visualisation Tool
Daniel’s Tim Lincecum Article
Joe’s Jose Martinez Article ($)

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