Introducing FantasyStitches!

A New Year Brings With it Some New Features at 216Stitches.

Our site is expanding!

In the middle of what has already been our best month at the site, 216Stitches is adding to our MLB coverage. Our regular content will now also include some important work on fantasy baseball to help give our readers a competitive edge in their respective leagues.

FantasyStitches will primarily focus on taking some of the real world analysis we do here on the site and applying it to a fantasy baseball setting. We’re only small so we won’t be able to cover all league types (especially in auction leagues) but what we can offer should really help fantasy owners not only on draft day, but all the way through the season.

Our very first FantasyStitches post is now live so if you have any interest in fantasy baseball be sure to check it out:

Ten Pitchers Ready to Break Out in 2018

Finally, make sure you and your friends get that competitive advantage by following our socials:




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