Podcast: The Last Stitch Ep3 – Expert

Episode 3 of The Last Stitch looks at some of the major transactions and welcomes it’s first guest

In this episode, the podcast takes a look at some of the major transactions that have happened in baseball over the preceding days including the trade of Evan Longoria from the Tampa Bay Rays to the San Francisco Giants and the injury to Orioles closer Zach Britton. The program then welcomes it’s inaugural guest, Ms Abigail Hoffman, and subjects her to a grueling interrogation regarding the value she perceives some of the prominent MLB free agents to have. This interrogation is part of a game between Ms Hoffman and the host in which, the guest tries to out-predict the free agent value model featured on this site.

Intro/Outro: Rope River Blues Band – Whaletooth
Intermission: Henry Sease – Make Love to Me

Image: Keith Allison – Flickr

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